How to Rescue a Blackout

rescue for websiteHow to rescue your buddy if they black out is an essential skill that every diver should know. It’s actually incredibly easy to revive an unconscious diver but if you or your dive buddy don’t know what to do then a black out could easily turn into a death.

Earlier this year I started an initiative with Spearfishing Superstore (Cairns) where we travelled to remote areas to run free freediving safety seminars. We believe that this safety knowledge is Continue reading

How to get your Girlfriend into Freediving

girlfriend 1The reason why this blog title isn’t how to get your partner into freediving is because it’s very easy to get your boyfriend into freediving…you simply sit them down and tell them, ‘I can hold my breath longer than you.’ That’s really all it takes. But most women don’t seem to fall for that trick.

When introducing someone into freediving there are moments when that person may feel varying amounts of discomfort; from the pressure of the water or Continue reading

Mastering Fear

blog 2Breathe and relax, because in two minutes you’re going to dive deeper than you ever have before.  Being nervous will make you speed up your breathing and any hyperventilation could cause a blackout. Now the Competition Judge tells you that you have 30 seconds to start your dive. You get ready to take your final breath trying to keep your body loose, your heart rate slow, your thoughts positive and not thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Continue reading

Diet for Freediving

diet blog 2If I drink ginger tea will I be able to hold my breath longer? What about if I eat blue berries and drown myself in antioxidants? Bananas are good food for diving right? I get asked these kinds of questions all the time- as if there were some sort of miracle food for freediving.

But I really don’t believe in a definitive diet for life or freediving that applies to everyone. Everyone’s make up is so different that we will all thrive from different Continue reading

The Real Danger of Diving Deep

adam-9636“But isn’t that dangerous?” I get asked all the time when I tell people that I freedive. “Not at all,” I tell them as I try not to sigh. Or at least, not for the reasons they think it is.

What people seem to think is most dangerous about diving deep is running out of oxygen. But ‘blacking out’ is the least of our worries. Once a diver has depleted enough of their oxygen and falls unconscious there are still several minutes before the onset of any kind of brain damage. And believe it Continue reading

Freediving, Germs and Quarantine

blog picWhen a competition nears freedivers become paranoid about getting sick. I take more vitamin supplements than my body knows what to do with and at the sound of coughing while I walk down the street I instantly hold my breath and move fast until I’m out of the contamination zone.

Convenient breath holds like this are one of the many perks of freedive training. I haven’t had to deal with the smells of a public bathroom for years! Flatulence too isn’t a problem…as long as I know Continue reading