Freediving Courses

Freedive Courses with Adam Stern

Want to learn to freedive? Or want to better your freediving skills? I run courses both in Australia as well as overseas.

Have a look through my offered courses and find which one suits you. Whether you are a beginner freediver, advanced or are at instructor level I run courses that suit your skill level.

As a PADI Freediver Instructor, I run PADI Freediving courses as well as freediver instructor courses.

PADI Freediver Course

This course is your gateway into the world of freediving. It’s natural to think of freediving as an extreme activity but nothing we do in freediving is extreme at all. This course aims for you to be able to hold your breath longer, to feel more comfortable in the ocean and dive deeper- but all within the natural comfort zone of the human body and all in a relaxed and easy manner. Whether you already freedive or spearfish and want to improve your technique, ability and safety knowledge or you have never been freediving before this is definitely the course for you. I know that everyone freedives for their own reasons and It’s always my goal to tailor the course to you as much as possible.

Course Duration: 2 days

PADI Advanced Freediver Course

Take your freediving to the next level. The beginner course is where we learn the basics of breath holding/freediving and tap into the bodies innate ability. The advanced course is when we begin to train the body for bigger dives, bigger breath holds, to explore what the body is capable of once we know how to train it. I spend a lot of the course teaching you my own training techniques, what I use for my own dives and how I believe to train the body best. Once again the key to this course and improving your diving is knowing how to do it comfortably and with relaxation.

Course Duration: 2/3 days

PADI Master Freediver Course

The master course is the highest and most advanced course available. The beginner course taps into the bodies innate ability. The advanced course delves into what the body can do with training and the master course is all about extending the bodies limits and achieving maximum performances. Deep equalisation, including the equalisation techniques that I use to dive to 106m, are one of the main focuses for this course. So are training techniques and methods that I use for my diving.

Course Duration: 7 days

Taking a Freediver Course

If you are not sure what level freediver course you should be taking, please contact me. The freediver courses that are held in Sydney are run through Dive Spear and Sport. For any inquiries, please call them on 02 9999 3903.