Level 1 Freediving

RM25LYour gateway into the world of freediving, or if you already dive/spearfish this is the perfect way to pick up all the safety knowledge you’ll need, improve your technique and increase your comfort zone in the water. (minimum age 16)

$390 The course runs over two days where there will be:

  • 1 pool session
  • 3 open water sessions
  • Plenty of theory spaced out in between
  • The course results in an internationally recognised certification from Apnea Academy

The course covers:

  • Correct breathing techniques
  • Diving and breath hold physiology
  • Diving safety
  • Blackout rescue techniques
  • Freediving emergencies
  • Increasing breath hold
  • Equalisation techniques
  • Improving dive technique
  • Pool training and how to increase your dive fitness