Level 3 Freediving

adam-5982The final level of freediving courses where students will learn advanced freediving techniques and in depth knowledge about all the physiological aspects of freediving. The course aims to have students diving to 40 metres depth and holding their breath for over 4 minutes. For anyone wanting to become an advanced freediver this is the way to do it.

$590 the course runs from 4-7 days depending of students schedules where there will be:

  • 2 pool sessions
  • 6 – 8 open water sessions
  • Plenty of theory spaced in between
  • The course results in an internationally recognised certification from Apnea Academy

The course covers:

  • Advanced breathing techniques
  • Advanced equalisation techniques
  • Advanced physiology of freediving
  • FRC diving
  • Packing, reverse packing and the dangers involved
  • Mental approaches to deep dives
  • Rates of training and rest
  • Timing a freediving peak
  • Safety for deeper dives and longer breath holds
  • Deeper rescues