PADI Freediver

PADI Freediver Course

This course is your gateway into the world of freediving. It’s natural to think of freediving as an extreme activity but nothing we do in freediving is extreme at all. This course aims for you to be able to hold your breath longer, to feel more comfortable in the ocean and dive deeper- but all within the natural comfort zone of the human body and all in a relaxed and easy manner.

Who Should Take The PADI Freediver Course?

Whether you already freedive or spearfish and want to improve your technique, ability and safety knowledge or you have never freedived before this is definitely the course for you. I know that everyone freedives for their own reasons and It’s always my goal to tailor the course to you as much as possible.

The Course runs over 2 days and includes

  • 1 pool session
  • 2 open water session
  • Plenty of theory spaced out in between
  • The course results in an internationally recognised certification from PADI.

I run all my courses in the Sydney region through Dive Spear and Sport. For any inquiries call them on 02 9999 3903