Deep Week

Deep Week is more like a freediving festival than a typical course. We bring all the best Freedivers and Freediving Instructors from all over the world to one place to create a vibrant learning experience.

Each instructor has their own specialities, their own strengths and approaches to freediving. Our goal is to show you many different styles and methods for successful diving and give you the freedom to pick and choose what works for you.


Each morning we offer 3 different workshops/seminars on 3 different freediving topics. We then go for a dive and in the afternoon we will have another 3 workshops on 3 more freediving topics and you’re free to pick and choose what you want to attend. We also have morning/afternoon yoga and meditation and evening workouts- basically there is constantly something going on and you’re welcome to come to as much as or as little as you like!

During the whole process we will also cover all the necessary material for you to complete any level of freediving course and certification. We have many absolute beginners that attend and complete their Freediver course and Advanced Freediver course and we have many experiences divers who come simply to train and work on their own depths/skills.

Watch this video if you want a better idea of Deep Week or email me if you have any questions or to book your place!

The next Deep Week will be taking place in April 7-14, 2018.


Join Deep Week

Are you keen to join us at Deep Week in Bali? Deep Week continues to grow and grow in popularity with every camp, so if you are keen to join us for our next Deep Week freediving camp, let me know and we can give you all the information you need as well as reserve your place.