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Freediving Training Camp

Welcome to the world’s largest Freediving Festival, Deep Week.

This is your chance to get away for a week to learn to freedive or improve your freediving skills with the world’s top freedivers. Deep Week is like no other training camp because it isn’t simply a freediving training camp. It’s a gathering of the Freediving Family in a location where we can take our diving to the next level, have a holiday with a group of incredible divers and have fun at a freediving trip!

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We get freedivers coming to Deep Week of absolutely every dive level. We also get freedivers coming to Deep Week from every continent! Wherever you’re coming from to freediving trip and whatever your experience with freediving you will fit right in with us.

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Freedive at Deep Week

How do we maximise a persons learning and freediving development while having the absolute best time?

This was the question that started Deep Week.

So each event we bring the best freedivers, freediving instructors and freediving experts from all over the world to one place where we can share knowledge and maximise learning in an easy and relaxed holiday environment.

There is no other freediving training camp that is able to offer this level of experience and expertise. Each Deep Week we have ‘guest’ instructors. These are world-class

freedivers all here to help you with your own freediving.

These top freedivers are all available to help you with your own diving and to shed light on skills you want to work on or questions you may have… or just to have dinner and hang out! They also all hold specialised work-shops throughout the entire week. Everyone dives for their own reasons, which is why we bring instructors of all different specialities to work with you in your particular goals.

A few of the previous special guests have included:

Alexey Molchanov
World record holder
William Trubridge
World record holder
Goran Colak
World record holder
Kate Middleton
New Zealand record holder
Daan Verhoeven
World premiere freediving photographer
Georgina Miller
British record holder
Jessea Lu
Chinese record holder
Davide Carrera
Italian record holder
Mike Board
British record holder
Dean Chaouche
British record holder
Thibault Guinnes
French record holder
Aoilin Wang
Chinese record holder

Freediving Training Camp

The training at Deep Week is suitable for all levels, from absolute beginner all the way to professional. The training camp is also individually focused so you can get the most out of your freediving training.

Keen to find out more or book your freediving holiday with Adam Stern? Click the button below to send us through an email, or check out our upcoming Deep Weeks below.

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Upcoming Deep Weeks

Deep Week, Philippines – July
Deep Week, Bali – November

Other Freediving Trips

Tonga Freediving Trip – August
Mount Gambier Freediving Trip – October

What is Deep Week?