Wave 3 Freediving Course

Wave 3 Freediving Course with Adam Stern

The Wave 3 course is the highest and most advanced course available.

The Wave 1 course taps into the bodies innate ability. The Wave 2 course delves into what the body can do with training and the Wave 3 course is all about extending the bodies limits and achieving maximum performances.

Deep equalisations, including the equalisation techniques that I use to dive to 106m, are one of the main focuses for this course. So are the training techniques and methods that I use for my diving.

The Molchanovs Education and Training System

I believe that traditional freediving courses are not the best way to teach someone to freedive. A diver does not progress through taking many courses. They progress through constant training. Which is why after a student finishes a Molchanovs course they are given access to the Molchanovs training community. Where myself and the worlds top freedivers and trainers publish a weekly training program for each freediving level.

Each student has the ability to scale the training so it’s appropriate for them but we will all do the same training, all over the world, as a global freediving community. We will all stay connected through the Molchanovs App and be able to share ideas, discuss our training and report our improvements.

We are a community of freedivers creating the best product for the freediving community.

Wave 3 Freediving Course

Students learn how to achieve maximum performances from their body while remaining comfortable and relaxed. Particular attention is paid to deep equalisation methods which allow a diver to equalise below their residual volume. By the end of the course each diver will have the skills and ability to dive from 32 – 40 metres and achieve breath holds of over 3 and a half minutes. After this course students may take the Molchanovs Instructor Course.

The course runs over a minimum of 7 days and includes:

  • 4 x Theory sessions
  • 3 x pool training sessions
  • 7 x dive sessions
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