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Patreon is a donation based platform and over the years hundreds of freedivers around the world have donated towards the ‘Freediving Family Manual’ project. The manual is a complete comprehensive freediving video manual with all the information that would be taught on a freediving course or freediving masterclass.

So far we have completed the: Level 1 Course, Level 2 Course, Frenzel Hands Free and Advanced Frenzel course, Mouthfil and Deep Frenzel Equalisation course, No Fins masterclass, Bi-Finning Essentials course.

And we are still making them! The Free Immersion Masterclass and the Level 3 course are now in production. You can contribute towards this project and get access to all our courses at

There are so many people around the world who don’t have access to freediving courses, they can’t afford a freediving course or they don’t have access to advanced training.

My goal has always been to grow freediving and the love of the ocean as much as possible, which is why I’m so passionate about this project.

High quality videos explaining absolutely every freediving topic. A place where I can lay down all of my freediving knowledge step by step. Just like I would when I’m teaching each level of freediving course and training instructors and athletes.

I appreciate any and all support! Thank you so much Freediving Family!

Also if you are in Australia you can contact us for freediving courses in Sydney.

To Get Access To The Videos

With your support we have made a complete digital level 1 freediving course, level 2 freediving course, frenzel and hands free equalisation course, mouthfill equalisation course, no-fins freediving course and a bi-finning freediving course. We still have many online freediving courses in the works too! Free Immersion and the Level 3 course.

When you contribute to this project you not only get access to all of the Freediving Family Manuals but you also join an interactive community. Here, I have time to properly answer all your freediving queries and questions. I also run 3 x live streams per week where I coach the community through a breath holding workout with Zoom.

So if you are keen to improve your freediving, if you’re keen to join a training community, if you would like to have your freediving questions answered by some of the best freedivers in the world then check out my Patreon page.

Thanks so much again! And enjoy the videos!

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