Wave 1 Freediving Course

Learn to Freedive with Adam Stern

Learn to freedive with Adam Stern. The ‘Wave 1’ course (think level 1 course) is your start into the world of freediving. It is natural to think of freediving as an extreme activity but nothing we do in freediving is extreme at all. We always take progressions slowly and at a relaxed pace for each diver. We learn how to dive safely and we make sure the course is specific to each individual student, concentrating on the areas each diver needs help with, or is interested in further exploring.

This course aims for you to be able to hold your breath longer, feel more comfortable in the ocean and to also dive deeper. All within the natural comfort zone of the human body and all in a relaxed and easy manner.

The Molchanovs Education and Training System

I believe that traditional freediving courses are not the best way to teach someone to freedive. A diver does not progress through taking many courses. They progress through constant training. Which is why after a student finishes a Molchanovs course they are given access to the Molchanovs training community. Where myself and the worlds top freedivers and trainers publish a weekly training program for each freediving level.

Each student has the ability to scale the training so it’s appropriate for them but we will all do the same training, all over the world, as a global freediving community. We will all stay connected through the Molchanovs App and be able to share ideas, discuss our training and report our improvements.

We are a community of freedivers creating the best product for the freediving community.

Wave 1 Freediving Course

Whether you already freedive or spearfish and want to improve your technique, ability and safety knowledge. Or you have never freedived before this is definitely the course for you. I know that everyone freedives for their own reasons and It’s always my goal to tailor the course to you as much as possible.

The Wave 1 Course runs over 2 days and includes:

  • 1 x Theory session
  • 1 x pool training session
  • 2 x dive sessions

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