Wave 2 Freediving Course

Learn to Freedive with Adam Stern

Take your freediving to the next level. The Wave 1 course is where we learn the basics of breath holding/freediving and tap into the bodies innate ability.

The Wave 2 course is when we begin to train the body for bigger dives, bigger breath holds, to explore what the body is capable of once we know how to train it.

The Molchanovs Education and Training System

I believe that traditional freediving courses are not the best way to teach someone to freedive. A diver does not progress through taking many courses. They progress through constant training. Which is why after a student finishes a Molchanovs course they are given access to the Molchanovs training community. Where myself and the worlds top freedivers and trainers publish a weekly training program for each freediving level.

Each student has the ability to scale the training so it’s appropriate for them but we will all do the same training, all over the world, as a global freediving community. We will all stay connected through the Molchanovs App and be able to share ideas, discuss our training and report our improvements.

We are a community of freedivers creating the best product for the freediving community.

Wave 2 Freediving Course

I spend a lot of the course teaching you my own training techniques, what I use for my own dives and how I believe to train the body best. Once again the key to this course and improving your diving in general is knowing how to do it comfortably and with relaxation.

The Wave 2 course is perfect for those who have completed the Wave 1 course (or level 1 courses) and are wanting to challenge themselves further and learn more about freediving theory technique as well as freediving safety.

Students learn how to train and utilise their body for greater freediving performances. They learn how to break down the different elements that improve their freediving and how to develop those individual elements. By the end of the course each diver will know everything they need to dive comfortably from 24 – 30 metres and to achieve breath holds of over two and a half minutes.

The Wave 2 course runs for 2.5 days and includes:

  • 1 x Theory session
  • 1 x pool training session
  • 3 x dive sessions

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