First Time at Deep Week

First Time at Deep Week

Written by a Deep Weeker after their first time at Deep Week.

You’ve watched Adam’s awesome videos of the world’s biggest freediving events, and you have always dreamt of learning to freedive… but you wonder… is it for me? What if I have never freedived before? Is everyone else advanced? What if I have only ever used SCUBA? Is it safe? Will I be able to equalise? How long do I have to stay down for? Well, the best thing about Deep Week is that you don’t need any freediving experience! Absolute beginners will definitely get a lot out of this amazing week, which brings the world’s best freedivers, freediving instructors and experts to one place where we can share knowledge and maximise the learning experience. 

Coming from a SCUBA background and some casual freediving myself, I decided to join Deep Week for the first time in April 2019. I wanted to see how I could improve my breath-hold, and what better way then to learn in the warm waters of Bali! The combination of theory, workshops and diving was just perfect. I realised how quickly I improved my breath-hold and depth, by learning how to relax my body (and mind!), breathing properly and maximising the air that I had in my lungs by moving efficiently! 

The dive sessions were held in small groups of 4 students, so each one of us got plenty of time to practice and get feedback from the instructors. It’s an easy-going atmosphere, no pressure to push yourself (pun intended), and heaps of fun!

I met like-minded people, with a passion for the ocean, for the freedom of being weightless, for learning and sharing. Deep Week creates friendships, it has become a gathering of friends from across the globe that get together to dive. People of all ages join in and share their journey in a fun, relaxed, and safe environment!

So I’d say, go for it! Check out the awesome Deep Week destinations we have this year, from Bali, to The Phillipines, to Tonga and Croatia! See you at the biggest freediving event in the world 🙂

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