Does crossfit help freediving?

Supplementing your freediving with other forms of training is essential to keep yourself progressing. In this article I'll talk about what I personally do to aid my freediving and why I think it works. I'm no exercise scientist or physiologist and I'll be able to provide no concrete scientific evidence for what I do besides the fact that it works for me. Contact for freedive courses in Sydney.

For a long time strength and fitness weren't seen as essential in diving

Train for FreedivingWant to know how you can train for freediving? How to increase your breath hold and dive times? How to develop your skills and become a better diver? There's no trick to it. No breathing technique or magic diet that's going to instantly improve your diving. Like everything else you've got to train.

This article will give a step by step account of how to begin training in the pool. What exercises freedivers do and what works. My aim is to give a fairly broad and general understanding of pool training because we are all diving for our own reasons,

diet blog 2If I drink ginger tea will I be able to hold my breath longer? What about if I eat blue berries and drown myself in antioxidants? Bananas are good food for diving right? I get asked these kinds of questions all the time- as if there were some sort of miracle food for freediving. But I really don’t believe in a definitive diet for life or freediving that applies to everyone. Everyone’s make up is so different that we will all thrive from different